Samir “Mr. Magazine™” Husni, Ph.D.

300x250promo“Dr. Samir Husni is one of the world’s most influential voices in global publishing, advising major publishing houses across the globe on their editorial and advertising strategies. When he talks, the magazine industry listens…” European Union’s PrintPower magazine

 “There is no other person in the world today, who has similar influence on magazine making, like Samir Husni.” The Lebanese economic magazine Al- Iktissad Al-Jadeed.

 Dr. Husni is “the country’s leading magazine expert,” according to Forbes magazine, “the nation’s leading authority on new magazines,” according to min:media industry newsletter; “a world-renowned expert on print journalism” according to CBS News Sunday Morning and The Chicago Tribune dubbed him “the planet’s leading expert on new magazines.”

 Samir “Mr. Magazine™” Husni, Ph.D. is the President and CEO of Magazine Consulting & Research, Inc. a firm specializing in new magazine media launches, repositioning of established magazines and magazine media, and packaging content to create a better experience for both customers: the reader and the advertiser.  As Mr. Magazine™ he engages in media consulting and research for the magazine media and publishing industry.  Dr. Husni consults with a host of magazine and magazine media companies in the United States of American and abroad. He is the founder of the Magazine Innovation Center at the University of Mississippi’s School of Journalism and New Media.  Dr. Husni also served as professor of journalism at the School of Journalism from 1984 until 2021.

Dr. Husni is the co-author of The Definitive Guide To Launch Your Own Magazine with Diala Chaney,  and Print Proud Digital Smart “The Book of Quotes” both aforementioned books published by the Magazine Innovation Center. He is also the co-author of Managing Today’s News Media: Audience First, published by CQ PRESS an imprint of SAGE, and the author of 28 annuals Samir Husni’s Guide to New Magazines. Dr. Husni is also the author of Inside the Great Minds of Magazine Makers published by the Magazine Innovation Center, Magazine Conversations published by the Magazine Innovation Center, Just Common Sense: Mr. Magazine’s Ideas to Grow and Cultivate Magazine Media published by Nautilus Publishing Co.; Magazine Publishing in the 21st Century, published by Kendall Hunt; Launch Your Own Magazine: A Guide for Succeeding in Today’s Marketplace published by Hamblett House, Inc. and Selling Content: The Step-by-Step Art of Packaging Your Own Magazine, published by Kendall Hunt. Dr. Husni is also the co-author of Design Your Own Magazine published by the Magazine Innovation Center at The University of Mississippi. He is the editor of The Future of Magazines published through a grant from the Meredith Corp.

He has presented seminars on trends in magazines and magazine media to the editorial, advertising and sales staff of the magazine groups of the Morris Communications Company, the Finnish media group Sanoma, The South African Media 24 Magazine Group, IOStudio, Hightlights for Children, Inc., Hearst Corp., Hachette Filipacchi Magazines, Meredith Corp., Reader’s Digest Magazine, ESPN the magazine, Sail Magazine, American Airlines Publishing, the National Geographic Society, the Swedish magazine group Bonnier, Southern Progress magazines, New South Publishing, Inc., the Society of Professional Journalists, the American Society of Magazine Editors, MPA: The Association of Magazine Media, Vance Publishing Corporation, the Florida Magazine Association, The Magazine Association of Georgia, the National Society of Black Journalists, the Japanese Magazine Publishers Association, and the American Press Institute.

Dr. Husni is “the country’s leading magazine expert,” according to Forbes magazine, “the nation’s leading authority on new magazines,” according to min:media industry newsletter; “a world-renowned expert on print journalism” according to CBS News Sunday Morning and The Chicago Tribune dubbed him “the planet’s leading expert on new magazines.” The European Union’s Magazine Power magazine said, “Dr. Samir Husni is one of the world’s most influential voices in global publishing, advising major publishing houses across the globe on their editorial and advertising strategies. When he talks, the magazine industry listens…”

He has been interviewed by major U.S. and International media on subjects related to the magazine industry. He has been profiled and is regularly quoted in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and many other newspapers world-wide, as well as the major newsweeklies and a host of trade publications.

Dr. Husni has appeared on CBS News Sunday Morning, Good Morning America, CNBC, CNN, CNNFN, PBS, Fox Business Network, and on numerous radio talk shows including National Public Radio’s Morning and Weekend Editions as well as On The Media.

He has also served as an expert witness in several lawsuits involving major media corporations including Time Inc., Beckett Media,  and American Express Publishing among others.

Dr. Husni has been a judge of The National Magazines Awards, The Imagination Awards to honor the innovative and transformational work of independent magazine media (IMAG) companies and brands, The Global Mobile Awards, The Evangelical Magazines Association, The City and Regional Magazines Association, and The Florida and the Magazine Association of the Southeast Awards. Dr. Husni has been inducted in the Florida Magazine Association’s Hall of Fame and in the Folio:100 as one of the magazine media industry influencers.

Dr. Husni holds a doctorate in journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia and a master’s degree in journalism from the University of North Texas.

When he is not in his office reading magazines, Dr. Husni is at the newsstands buying magazines.

The Mr. Magazine™ logo reflects both of Mr. Magazine™’s loves: His first love, magazines and his side-kick love neckties. Dr. Husni is the proud owner of more than 30,000 first editions and more than 1,800 neckties.

Follow Dr. Husni on social media @mrmagazine and on his blog at

 Dr. Samir Husni, or Mr Magazine™, is one of the world’s most influential voices in global publishing, advising major publishing houses across the globe on their editorial and advertising strategies.” From the intro to my South African TV exclusive on eNCA (eNews Channel Africa) and Maggs on Media interview.

Updated October 5, 2021..


Mr. Magazine™ Samir A. Husni in Other People’s Words…

What do other folks say about me? Below you will find a few testimonials and recommendations posted on my LinkedIn account. Please feel free to add your own testimonials or recommendations about me or my work. You can either publish them in the comments section or you can email them directly to me at
Thank you and all the best
Mr. Magazine™
Samir A. Husni

And now for the recommendations, updated as they are posted on LinkedIn:

Mitch Powers, Founding Member and President, Iostudio, Nashville, TN

Samir’s enthusiasm and expertise is exceeded only by his love for magazines. It is rare that one ever find’s their true calling in life, much less makes it their life’s work. Samir is rare and remarkable. His work has been of great benefit to my company and my readers.

Arif Durrani Group News Editor, Haymarket Brand Republic Group, United Kingdom

“Samir provides a vital information and research service for magazine publishers around the world and is a respected commentator on magazines and their place in today’s evolving media climate. The only shame is that, despite his global reach, he is based in North America – we could do with a Samir in every market right now.”

Jimmy Dean
Managing Partner and Publisher, HARBOR STYLE Magazine and Sun Coast Magazine Group, LLC

“I have been a Mr. Magazine fan forever. There is no one else on the planet with the passion for our industry that Samir possesses. One of the world’s greatest mysteries is… how does he KNOW about all these launches? Oh…he knows, alright! His book is a must-read yearly and if you EVER get the chance to hear him lecture, don’t miss it.”

James Hubbard
Publisher and Editor in Chief, Family Doctor magazine

“Samir is tops in his field. He is available and knowledgeable, and charges reasonable fees for his service. If you need help in the magazine world, he’s your man.”

Mike Werner
Executive Vice President, RCS (Rider Circulation Services

“After having seized the identity of “Mr. Magazine”, Samir has done a great job of living up to this title. I can now think of no one else as Mr. Magazine. A big booster of the industry. Thanks Samir!”

Diane Stefani
Executive Vice President, The Rosen Group

“Whether a multi-million dollar company or an entrepreneur yearning to enter the publishing industry, you’d be wise to consult with “Mr. Magazine” before contemplating launching a new magazine.”

Dennis Kelly
Member of the Executive Committee, Morris Visitors Publications

“Samir is a true professional in all that he does and I can recommend him without reservation. He has been an invaluable asset to Morris Communications as we recreate our magazine, visitor publications and book publishing assets. Samir is indeed “Mr. Magazine”! And he has some pretty cool ties too! Thanks for all that you do Samir!”

Stan Tiner

Executive Editor, Sun Herald newspaper

“Samir is a visionary who saw the changes that would swamp the media landscape before they arrived. He perceives problems and provides solutions for clients that are appropriate for their market and their newspaper or magazine.”

Joe Pulizzi
Founder, Content Marketing Institute

“Without a doubt, Samir knows more about magazines than anyone else I know. The “Mr. Magazine” title is a perfect fit. I’ve also had the opportunity to be at a number of events hearing Samir speak. If you are looking for an entertaining and educational presentation about magazines, he’s your guy.”

Sak (Jacobus) van den Boom
Owner, Customer Media Council, The Netherlands

“Samir Husni is one of the world’s outstanding leaders in the practice of crafting (consumer) magazines. And he is a warm, intelligent, generous person, always willing to share his vast store of knowledge and to teach anyone with the desire to learn. I highly recommend Samir to anyone lucky enough to come into contact with him. He is among the very best magazine consultants and very best people I know.”

Scott Jones
Former Executive Editor, Southern Living magazine

“I’ve known Samir for more than 20 years—first studying with him at Ole Miss and working along side him on the Guide To New Magazines. Currently, I have the pleasure of working with Samir as a member of the Board of Directors of the Magazine Innovation Center. His dedication to our industry is unparalleled—both in vision and passion. These attributes have positioned him as the go-to authority in the world of magazine publishing.”

Sid Salter
Professor, Mississippi State University, Editorial Page Editor, The Clarion Ledger

“Samir was head of the Department of Journalism at Ole Miss when I was serving as the Cook Chair in Journalism in 1996-97. He is without question the world’s most trusted source on magazines and is a highly acclaimed newspaper consultant. He is also a true and trusted friend. I cannot give him a higher recommendation personally and professionally.”

Frank Hitzert

Publisher, Sanoma Magazines, Czech Republic

“Samir Husni adds pepper to paper, and salt to make it sold. Or, as any cooking magazine would phrase it: the best spices are still coming from the Middle East!”

Tony Silber
General Manager, Red 7 Media

“Samir Husni is a magazine-industry treasure. He has built a business as a consultant through his extraordinary intellect and understanding of how magazine-companies work. But he’s far more than just that: He’s an icon. He’s a brand. He’s an evangelist for print media who understands the interplay of print and digital media. The magazine industry is more successful because of Samir Husni’s work, and the good news is that he’s imparting his knowledge not just to his peers, but also to the next generation of media specialists, through his work at the University of Mississippi.”

Milton j. Cuevas
Owner, Cuevas Publishing

“Samir and the Magazine Innovation Center at the University of Mississippi perform a vital and needed function for the overall Publishing industry. He is a dynamic and innovative force in his research / development.”

Franska Stuy
Editor in Chief, Libelle magazine, The Netherlands

“Don’t know how Samir Husni manages to know everything about a magazine, without being able to read it because of the language. (Dutch!) But he knows exactly what’s wrong and right and knows to inspire people to make changes and to put extra effort in the work. Great!”

Peter Van De Kraats
Editor in Chief, Story magazine, The Netherlands

“I have worked with Samir on a restyling of a Dutch magazine. Samir has no blood in his veins, but ink. He lives for media, or better: for magazines. And because he is a ‘hands on’ type, he is able to let you do the restyling instead of carrying it out for you. He makes you think about format, layout and contents and gives gives, thanks to his rich knowledge concerning the media, many examples and possibilities. Samir increased my knowledge and thoughts on magazines – within relatively short time – considerably. And I used his ‘click ‘n’ stick’on covers since then on a weekly base.”

Phil Rugile

Co-Founder/COO, MYMAG, LLC

“I have had to the opportunity to participate with Samir in a number of industry events as well as seeking his council on certain aspects of our business strategy. I have found him to be extremely well versed in all aspects of the publishing/media industry and someone whom you can bounce ideas off of to get a balanced perspective. I highly recommend Samir as a well-rounded industry consultant.”

Emily Main

Former Student, University of Mississippi

“Samir Husni knows more about the publishing industry than most lifetime magazine editors I’ve worked with since serving as his graduate assistant at the University of Mississippi. His tireless devotion to print and online media makes him my first source of information on any emerging trends in the industry. And almost 10 years after leaving the university, I still find myself going back to the lessons I learned in his magazine classes–repeating “More information in less time and less space” on an almost daily basis.”

Greg Sullivan

CEO/Founder, Afar Media

“Samir is very sharp and an expert in the industry. A real pleasure to work with. Highly recommend.”

Donna Kessler
President, Morris Visitor Publications

“I have had the pleasure of working with Samir for several years on multiple projects. His knowledge and inventive thinking keep us coming back for more…. we have created a wonderful partnership.”

Noelle Skodzinski
Editorial Director, Publishing Executive magazine

“There is no question that Samir Husni’s trademarked name, “Mr. Magazine,” suits him. He knows more about the magazine publishing industry than most others, and has a unique, big-picture perspective. He has done work for me several times as a consultant for our Publishing Business Conference, as a speaker at our conference, and now, fortunately for me, he is a columnist for Publishing Executive magazine (where I am editorial director). In addition to providing insights in the state of the publishing industry, and making witty and extremely wise comments about the mistakes he sees transpiring within the industry, he possesses a keen ability to observe successful publishing strategies and is driven to share them with others. Beyond his brilliance (and I am not exaggerating), he has a fabulous sense of humor that just makes him a pleasure to work with and be around. I am lucky to have worked with and continue to work with Samir, and I hope to do so for a long time.”

Peggy Northrop
V.P., Global Editor in Chief, Reader’s Digest

“One of the great minds in magazines–Samir is an avid reader, admired critic and valued advisor to many of us in the business.”

Alfredo Ogawa
Editorial Services Director, Abril magazines, Brazil

“Samir really deserves that “Mr Magazine” title. We have had the opportunity to witness his knowledge and capacity here at Abril. Hope he can come back soon to visit us again.”

Henk van den Einden

Sanoma Magazines, The Netherlands

“I have never met a more inspiring magazine-addict than Samir Husni. In two days he makes you dig deeper than deep in your magazine-making heart and soul and makes you rethink and reload all the knowledge you thought you had. Very motivating.”

Jackie Leo
Editor in Chief, The Fiscal Times and former Editor in Chief of Reader’s Digest magazine

“Samir Husni is one of the most knowledgeable experts in the magazine industry. He is always ahead of the curve, identifying trends and changes in the marketplace. And he’s delightful to work with–an honest broker with no agenda except to report on the industry and offer his special knowledge about magazine start-ups. Samir’s research is impeccable, and his judgment is equally sound. He’s a valued pillar of the industry.”

Marshall McKinney

Former Student, University of Mississippi and Art Director, Garden & Gun magazine

“Samir is more an oracle than consultant. He has a clarity of vision hard earned from years of experience that allows him to see IN to complicated scenarios and problems and not merely at them. Samir culls information together with fresh perspective so that a company, an editor, or a publisher can bare it full witness in a new light thus maximizing their company’s potential. Better understand strengths and weaknesses. Be more succinct. Find harmony. And, fully realize the forest while enjoying the trees. Look, in a print media industry fraught with big voodoo, you’d better have the best witchdoctor in the village on your side. Otherwise, the sacrifice is just too great.”

Greg Daugherty

Author, “You Can Write for Magazines” (Writer’s Digest Books)

“It was a lucky day for the magazine business when Samir Husni decided to become Mr. Magazine instead of Mr. Comic Book or something. He has documented the contemporary magazine scene like nobody else for the past 25 years. Plus his enthusiasm for magazines (and understanding of how they work) is simply inspiring.”

Lori Rosen
Executive Director, Custom Content Council

“Samir Husni is one of the most knowledgeable and well versed publishing professionals in the industry. He is an excellent speaker and industry champion. I highly recommend him for any publishing work.”

Sandra De Preter
Former Publishing Director, Sanoma Magazines, Belgium

Great Results, High Integrity, Creative.

John Sowell
Former Student, The University of Mississippi

“Samir was an exemplary professor and advisor to me in college, and helped me turn around key business challenges as a professional on more than one occasion. At the core, Samir is simply a sound marketer who truly understands consumer interest, intent and behavior. At the highest level, he has the uncanny ability to bring clarity, solidify the fundamentals and effectively splash creativity . . . all within the context of sound data and business performance. I have had the privilege of knowing him for a quarter century. He has impacted my education, approach as a business person and my life as a longtime friend. I hold him in the highest regard on academic, professional and personal levels. The man who taught me the principles of effective design helped me reshape a group of trade magazines and turn around lagging utilization for one of America’s leading directories. If it is in print and needs a jolt, there is no one better on the planet to guide your strategy.”

Wilma Tichelaar
Art Director, VTWONEN, The Netherlands

“Do you want a relationship or a one-night stand with your reader?’ One of the out-of-the-box approaches of Samir Husni, aka Mr. Magazine™. Samir has got his way to grab your attention, hold it, pour out in his knowledge and make it stick. His words echo through every issue since he advised us on the restyling of our magazine in 2009, because they’re still valid.”